8 Ways To Improve Your IQ, Brain Exercises

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          Welcome to socialadvicers. In this page, you will find tips to improve IQ. Brain exercises to improve IQ score. For IQ we may also need some brain exercises, meditation, visualization or mental exercises to improve memory and improve our IQ score which are described in the page. Our daily life doesn’t challenge us enough mentally.


Our daily life doesn’t challenge us enough mentally.

Our daily life doesn’t challenge us enough mentally.

                Through setting aside time to visit the mental ‘gym’ and organizing my life to work various mental muscles I have found it much easier to think logically, create new ideas and focus myself.



                Science shows that the intelligence is both environmental and genetic. Lab rats  are given more toys to interact ended up much smarter than rats left without any. Even more, studies are now showing that contrary to an earlier belief, you can grow new neurons if given a stimulating environment.


Benefits of mental fitness:

        The benefits of physical fitness are obvious and visual. Here are a few benefits:

  • Rapid learning
  • Logical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Memory
  • Focus

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Creating a mental fitness routine :


    There are two major ways construct a mental fitness routine.

  1. Balancing projects/ activities to ensure all mental “ muscles “ are being worked intensely.
  2. Setting aside time to hit the mental gym with activities solely for the purpose of building brain power.



                  Unlike physical exercise which is hard to reach a high intensity in routine life, you can structure your day to ensure you are working mental muscles.

                                You just need to ensure that you are working all mental muscles, not just one or two. Mental exercises will ensure you can handle all problems and ideas. Here are some ideas for starting a mental fitness routine.  Set aside at least 15 minutes a day for at least one of the below:


  • Meditation:

Some of the different meditation to work different mental muscles.


  • Visualization:

Example: Eating the red apple. Visualize a red apple and hold it in your mind. Then imagine yourself eating it a bit at a time.  Experience all the sensations of touch, taste, sound, smell and sight. The hard part is keeping the mental image of your apple consistent with where and how you eat it. We can usually only go about 10 bites before the mental image degrades.

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  • Focused breathing:

Start by slowing your breathing   to about 10-15 seconds per breath. Next focus on one specific part of your body on the exhale. You can then move this to notice specific sounds or sense. A good exercise in focus.


  • Self –dialog:

Meditation makes it easier to talk with yourself. You can invent characters that can dialog with you, helping explore ideas.


  • Peripheral activities:

Don’t just take new hobbies, take once that are vastly different from each other. Being a mile wide doesn’t just improve mental fitness, it gives you a broad base of metaphors for creativity.


  • Puzzles:

Do some crosswords and computer game puzzles. Solitary game playing can keep your mind sharp as long as the learning curve is steep and it doesn’t become routine.


  • Friendly debate:

Discuss, don’t argue. When you are in a debate you should try to persuade, but welcome opposing ideas not as attacks but opportunities, debating forces you to examine your opinions.


  • Increase mental intensity:

                       Force yourself to use your brain more. All these ideas are just specific implementations to increase the mental intensity you face. Focus, strategy, logic and creativity are just a few of the mental muscles you should be exercising more regularly.

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