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In the 21st Century While technology has Made it More Convenient to Keep in Touch With the Outside World and Even we are Able to Find our Long-lost friends, it has Also Changed how we Define Relationship. Someone With Thousands of Friends on Facebook may think they’re a Very Frames or Celebrity.

building meaningful relationship

But How many of These Friends Would be There to Support Them When They go Through a Personal Crisis or Financial crisis ???



    I have learned that the More Success you are at Your Relationship with Family, Friends,  the More Successful you Will be in the Life With all of Them.


When it comes to Life Partner, for Example: If you Meet someone and Start dating both Attracted Mutually. And you both are Together. But now What?  This Stage is a tricky Stage for lots of People . Here we Focus on the Basic Elements That Help to Bring Meaning into a Relationship, and Give it More Potential to Last.

meaningful relationship

First of all , What Would you Like the Relationship to Become ?  What Does    the Idea of “Being Together” Really Mean for you Then , When You are Figured That out, how Does it Fit With What the Other Person Would like From a Relationship  ?  What Their Perspective?


If you Don’t get Dear on the Above basic Points Then Your Hoping for Relationship Success  may be at Some Risk.


Different People Have Different Ideas of What a Meaningful Relationship Is . But Some of the Possibilities Might Resonate With you.


  • Being Mutually Loving and Supportive
  • Doing Things Together you Both Enjoy, Which makes you Feel more live and Connected.
  • Sharing Simple Moments of Togetherness and Enjoying the Things you Have in Common .
  • Embracing Your Differences , Seeing how They may be Complementary.
  • Accepting Each Other as you are in the Present Moment and Sharing What is ‘Real’ for you .
  • Helping Each Other to Meet Each Others Needs.
  • Being Willing to be Flexible and Compromise Sometimes.

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