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                  Welcome to socialadvicers. In this page, you will find tips for hair growth. you will learn natural tips for them because there will be no side effects in the natural tips. Natural ingredients which are available in your kitchen.



                      There are Various Causes for Hair Loss, Ranging From Medication, Hormonal in balance and the kind of Diet we Take. Many People Instant Growth Ready Made Chemical Based Shampoos or Treatments Unknowing the Fact They are More Damaging With the Chemicals. Going Natural is the Best Solution for the Problem Since it Doesn’t Have any Side Effects and its Results are Long Lasting.

                  Here Bringing you Some of the Effective Home Remedies for Hair Loss. Almost all the Ingredients are Available in Your own Kitchen.



                                  Onion Juice for it is one of the Most Effective and Oldest ones. The Onion Juice Contains Slushier That Boosts Collagen Production in the Tissues and Helps in the Regrowth of it.


         Cut a few Slides of Onion Take out Juice From it (Either by Mashing or Grating it). Apply on  Your Scalp. Keep it for 10-15 Minutes, Then Rinse off With Mild Shampoo.



                                              This is One of the Most Effective Remedies for Natural Growth is the use of Coconut Milk. This Rich in Iron Potassium and Essential  Fats.



             Take Coconut Milk From a Fresh Coconut to it add Half a Squeeze  Lemon, 4 drops of Essential oil mix it Thoroughly and Apply it on Your Scalp, Leave it on for 4-5 Hours and Then Rinse it off.



                               Separate egg white in a Bowl and add one teaspoon of Olive oil and Honey. Make a Paste of it and apply it all Over Your Hair and Scalp for About 20 Minutes. Rinse it off With Cool Water and Some Shampoo.



                                           Vinegar Gently Cleanse the Scalp and Maintains the Ph Balance of Hair Thereby Accelerating its Growth.

To Apply This Solution, use it as a Final Rinse After Washing Your Hair. This Will Also Give Your Hair on Added Shine and Boost Growth.



                                 This is Also one of the old Remedy for hair Growth Problems. It Contains Proteins and Nicotinic Acid. Add a Tablespoon of This Herb and Water in a Grinder Till a Smooth Paste it Formed add Little Coconut oil to it and Apply for Scalp for Half an Hour. Wash it off With a Mild Shampoo.



                                             This Gooseberry is the Power House of Nutrients. It’s Rich in Vitamin C and That Accelerates hair Growth. All you Need to do is, mix 2 Teaspoons of Amla Powder or Juice and let it dry.Rinse it With Some Warm Water. It Will Also Prevent hair Pigmentation.

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