Health Benefits of Jogging In The Morning

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         Welcome to socialadvicers. we are going to learn about jogging. How jogging is beneficial to our health physically and mentally. And what are the benefits of jogging?



    Jogging is nothing but a gentle sport that allows you to get all the benefits of exercise without putting your body under huge amounts of strain. The surprising amount of these benefits are unknown to the majority of us, even those that do jog.


List of some health benefits:


The human body is supposed to be worked. Some physical activity like exercise is required to keep the body running well. A healthy diet will not do it all alone.

        When you jog, you breathe deeper. Oxygen goes deep into the lungs and the heart pumps a little harder. The lungs provide the oxygen that is delivered by the heart and vessels deep into your working muscles.

        You are increasing your heart and lungs abilities by your regular jog. Deep water running can be light way to begin jogging and get some of the benefits of jogging. The water supplies support and makes the bridge to physical activity easier for you if you have experienced previous injuries.


Muscles mass weights more than fat. Calories burned jogging is higher than other activities.

        As you start jogging, you will probably see an initial quick weight loss. Your muscles will become stronger. Muscle tone improves as you work on the proper running technique. You will see more muscle definition. Muscles require energy; they get that energy from calories. So you see, muscles are your little fat burning machines.

        You will see an improvement in your appearance. You may drop a couple of dress sizes without any further change in weight at this point. This occurs because muscles weight is more than that of fat.

        Therefore, even though you are losing fat, your muscles are increasing. Looking up in the mirror will confirm the change in appearance.


  • BRAIN:

Some experiments have shown some impressive improvement in the brain that jogging leads to new neurons being born in the brain. Neurons are the cells in the brain, and an increase in their number has shown to lead to better learning and memory capabilities.

        There are more benefits for the brain than we would expect. The brain also increases its cognitive ability and releases hormones that improve your mood and self-motivational abilities as well as many other psychological benefits.



Jogging increases the functionality in the immune system.  Your body becomes stronger and can resist infections like common cold. This improvement is because of increased physical strength, stronger filtering devices in the trachea and increased production of white blood cells, as well as lower levels of stress, depression, and fatigue. It is worth bearing in mind that putting your body under too much strain will weaken your immune system temporarily.


One of the major reasons that people start jogging is to lose weight. But if you are jogging as part of a weight loss program it is important to be sensible and to take it slowly, run with good shoes and try to run on softer surfaces such as grass to lessen the pressure on your knees. A loss of one pound of weight is equal to losing four pounds of your knees.


Jogging will drastically increase your confidence too. When you see the physical improvements, a greater self-worthiness will be a reward. This is also due to the anti-depressive and stress-reducing qualities of running.


After a relatively short period of jogging, you will be in a better state both physically and mentally, and higher levels of energy and positivity help maintain a youthful outlook on life. More blood and oxygen gets to your skin, giving it more color and firmness, thus slowing down any developing wrinkles.


Jogging strengthens the bones and helps prevents any bone diseases from forming. Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease, and jogging counteracts damaging habits such as smoking. It is the bones that are responsible for the production of blood, and stronger bones mean that better quality blood produced. This also contributes to building stronger and more flexible joints.


Increases energy levels are psychologically healthy, but this will also have huge benefits for all other areas of your life. Not only will you have more energy to be able to exercise more, but your overall productivity will increase, be it at school or work.


All of the health improvements that come from jogging contribute to a longer life. All the physical and mental problems that jogging helps to overcome are serious problems that deteriorate your health, whether it be stress and depression or weak heart and low blood pressure.

        Jogging will ensure that the extra years of your life are more likely to be free of diseases and it also counteracts the steady degradation of our bones, which happens to all of us as we age.

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