How To Stop Child Labor

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Best way to stop child labor:

Welcome to socialadvicers. In this page, you will learn how to stop child labor.  awareness on child laws. opportunity of schooling for every child. not allowing children as a labor in any industries.


best way to stop child labor

        Child labor is a big social problem. Very often we see some minor boys and girls are working in the tea stalls, restaurants, and hotels and in the small shops. In some of the big industries also minor boys and girls have been working for full working hours.

At present in the agricultural sector, they were working with their parents or other workers. These minor workers are called child laborers.

The poverty is the main reason which has forced the children to work. As a result, the children do not get the time for education. As they have to accept hard work before their maturity, they lose their health and they are deprived of having the scope for spiritual, psychological and cultural development.

It is altogether inhuman to engage the children as laborers. William Blake, the great poet, and Charles dickens, the novelist raised their voice of protest against it for the first time. They have exposed the misery of child laborers in their many writings. Afterward, many effective rules and regulations have been passed to the cruel system.

Let’s have a look on some of the causes of child labor:

Now what is the background of engaging child labor,

  • To have or increase the income of a poor family.
  • To reduce the labor cost in a production organization.

Misc. reasons for engaging as domestic aid as the children are less doubtful about dishonesty or less liable to misbehave or be violent.


The solution to the problem  of child labor are:

  • The child labor laws need to be strictly enforced by the government.
  • The general public needs to be aware of the severe consequences of child labor.
  • An increase in employment opportunity for adults would help in overcoming the problem of poverty and child labor.
  • The government should ensure that every child gets the opportunity to go to school.
  • The owners of factories and mines should take the pledge of not engaging the child in their place of business.


Only the law cannot protect the children from living engaged in hard work and becoming the laborers. Anti-poverty program should be taken in a vast way and that should be applied all over the country as a whole and, a comprehensive propaganda planning against child labor should have to be taken which will make the people conscious about their problem.

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