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           Welcome to socialadvicers. In this page, you will find how to prepare yourself for the first stage performance. some of the tips to follow before you attend the performance. so that it will be easy for you to attend your first stage performance with confidence.


Presenting yourself on the stage for the first time..?your first stage performance? feeling nervous..? don’t feel much. Here are some tips for you to feel better and perform your best on stage. You just need to follow them.Little preparation on back stage (or home preparation) makes you confident and give your best on stage.



prepare yourself mentally and be prepared for the subject:

                             be prepared by going through thoroughly of the subject you are going to speak on the stage. If you are not thorough of the subject your confidence level decreases and also audience show no interest. So, don’t waste audience time and yours too.

Practice session:

                   “practice makes perfect”

Make your subject notes. Practice your subject, learn your lines before. Study them carefully. When studying, say the words out loud. Practice as if you are giving a stage performance. This way you will gain confidence too.

                             Also be prepared for any questions that might follow after your performance. They may test your knowledge on the subject or some people may want to know. This is really a test for your knowledge on the subject. If someone disagrees with you on something regarding the subject do not hesitate to accept it gracefully but do not argue with any member of the audience.


Body language:

                   Maintain your style. Never lose your own style while trying to copy others. Be yourself. Be natural. This will help you to be relaxed on stage and you will be comfort on stage to talk to the audience and answer to the queries.

Connection with audience:

Be connected with the audience. Look them in the eye. Eye contact is important or else there is a chance that they might consider you as a careless or dis-interested performer. Interact the audience with your body language, make necessary hand movements. Move around the stage if you feel more confident and cover up the stage by showing interest all around the audience surrounding stage.

If you are still in some hesitation:

          “practice in front of people”

You will feel more free if you practice in front of people.Its better to do any mistakes in this session rather than doing on the stage. In this way you will gain confidence again. But be careful before taking advice from the group. Take advices of experts. And don’t get confused with too many queries. Prepare yourself so.

                   Practice before on the back stage. Over time with enough practice, you can learn to speak and present it in any style. Just try and find your own speaking style rather than copying otherwise there is a chance of stumbling.

Be confident….!!

And give your best.

All the best.

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